Premier Junior Golf Tour

Age Divisions & Yardages

2020 Age Divisions & Yardages (Jan. 1, 2020 - Dec. 31, 2020)


Players may always choose to "play up" a division, either for one, several or all tournaments. Remember that points earned in a division stay in that division.

Two-Day divisions are the default on the Standings page. One-Day divisions have their own point standings. 

If players wish to play "down" a division, they can for experience, but not for awards or points. If you wish to play "down" a division, please contact us at or 239.822.8590.


Two-Day and One-Day Age Divisions and Yardages (note all divisions play 18 holes):

Amateur Men:  6700-7000 (or course longest tees if shorter than 6700)

Boys 16-19:  6600+

Boys 13-15:  6200-6600

Boys 10-12:  5500-5900

Amateur Women:  6000-6300 (or course longest tees if shorter than 6000)

Girls 16-19:  5700-6100

Girls 13-15:  5200-5500

Girls 10-12:  4600-4800



Projected yardages are subject to change due to onsite golf course setup, golf course conditions, and weather. These yardages are solely a projection and may increase or decrease for the actual tournament. 

Your age on the first round of a tournament will determine the division you will play in for that event.  In the case of a birthday moving you into a new division during the course of the points year, you may wish to play up a division early on if you are vying for year end honors or Player Of The Year for a division. Please know that points earned in a division stay in that division.




As long as 5 or more competitors finish 36 holes from the same tees, the event will be ranked by the National Junior Golf Scoreboard. Note: in the event of inclement weather cancelling one of the two rounds, the event will still be ranked.



Global Junior Golf Rankings is the most comprehensive Junior Golf Ranking site in the world. Global Junior Golf Rankings rank one-day and multi-day tournaments by state and region in over 240 countries for players ages 5-19. Global Junior Golf Rankings ranks junior golfers by calculating each week's performance in the categories of Boys and Girls participating in junior golf tournaments worldwide. Minimum of 5 players per division, 18-hole divisions.


Global Junior Golf Rankings will rank BOTH our Two-Day and our One-Day events.